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Money-Saving Discounts from Covina Valley Kia

Whether you have purchased your vehicle from us or not, Covina Valley Kia is your #1 destination for service in Covina. We offer great perks and frequently update special offers that will help you save on the things you need most. Schedule an appointment online or stop by and visit us at Covina, located in Covina!

Service Specials

Throttle Body Service


Includes full cleaning of the throttle body with a special solution and to remove of carbon deposits from the throttle valve.

In some vehicles the idle speed must be re-learned after the service is completed.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2023

4-Wheel Balance


Includes dismounting of wheels from the vehicle, removal of old wheel weights, computerized spin balance performed to properly identify correct wheel weight placement, and properly placing correct amount of wheel weight on rim.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2023

Battery Service


Includes removal of battery terminals, saturation of terminals and battery posts with cleaning solution, removal of corrosion with scrub brush and towel, reconnection of terminals and ensure battery is secure, and battery health check.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2023

Complimentary Brake Inspection:
Kia Vehicles on average need brakes between 40-70,000 miles, depending on dirving. Come in for a free brake inspection and we will complete a brake pad and rotor, or shoe and rum wear inspection, and provide a detailed report. If brake pads or shoes are needed, we are competitively priced starting at $259 for pas or show replacement, resurfacing of rotors or drums, inspecting and servicing calipers, topping off brake fluid if necessary, and road testing.

Front End Alignment:
Recommended every 20,000 miles. Helps to reduce road friction, which causes uneven tire wear and excessive road noise. It also helps to ensure you get the full life out of your tires, preventing the unnecessary expense associated with prematurely worn tires.

Automatic Transmission Service:
With the harsh conditions associated with Southern Cal driving, Covina Valley Kia recommends replacing transmission fluid between 60-75,000 miles. Regular transmission services can potentially help your transmission last the entire life of your vehicle.

Brake Fluid Service:
Recommended every 50,000 miles. Over time the components in your brake system lubricated by brake fluid begin to wear. This wear leads to the brake fluid becoming contaminated. Again, over time this contamination can lead to brake components wearing out and requiring costly replacement. A Brake Fluid Service removes old fluid along with any contamination it carries and replaces it with fresh and clean brake fluid.

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